Yes we do

The first phase of our process is to conduct a background check and credit check. The 30.00 application fee covers that

Approximately 72 hours providing we make contact with your employer and current landlord in a timely manner

No pet rule for our rental properties (unless it is medically associated)

Yes, unless otherwise specified

Clean background within last 2 yrs., credits scores are marginal at 640, income matches expense, employed at your current job for at least 2 yrs., good review from previous landlord

No. once approved, we keep your application on file for 30 days.  If an apartment comes up and fits your criteria, you are offered he apartment first

Unless you are married, everyone on the lease would need to fill out an application and must be at least 18 years of age

It would be helpful to bring the last two most recent pay stubs.

It’s always helpful to bring as much information as possible to strengthen your position.

Some of our properties are managed by the owner and others by property management companies